Mini InterNet International

Mini InterNet International

What is Mini InterNet International

M.I.N.I. is a cyberspace club for Mini owners and enthusiasts around the world. It is based around the mini-list, an emailing list for Mini enthusiasts founded in 1994 by John Bullas of the Peak District MOC and Marcel Chichak of the Edmonton MOC. Through the Internet the 700 or so M.I.N.I. members are able to keep in touch with each other on an almost daily basis. Members assist each other by providing advice and observations on all aspects of Mini ownership, from obscure technical problems to whether it is possible to do 'it' in a Mini.
Members are encouraged to gather under the club banner at major Mini events and to spread the word of our international club. Many members are happy to provide hospitality to other visiting members, so if you're travelling let the mini-list know and arrange a rendezvous.

The club has no formal executive or structure. Everything done by the club is done on an individual voluntary basis. If you would like to see something happen then feel free to make it happen. The only thing we ask is that when representing the club, you do so in a manner that will uphold the club's reputation and promote the popularity of the Mini. The M.I.N.I. club is not to be used for any personal or commercial gain.

bouncey Where does it meet

Due to the distributed nature of the Club, there are no formal meetings, members meet regularly on the mini-list, arrange get togethers at Mini events and organise local gatherings and outings. There is an interactive register of which mini-listers will be attending which events, with details of suggested meeting times and places.

How do I join

Membership of M.I.N.I. is free to everyone. You don't even need to own a Mini, just having a passing interest is sufficient. Membership of the club is gained by joining the mini-list mailing list. Just send an email  to Your message should contain: subscribe mini-list your-email-address
A digest version of the mailing list is also available from the same address. Your message should contain: subscribe mini-list-digest your-email-address

Instructions also given on John Bullas home page.

You can even search the archives of the list.
Lister MugShots Meet some of the club members

Being a international club, many of our members will never have the opportunity to meet each other in person. The next best we can do (aside from chatting on the mini-list) is to introduce ourselves through the Web. Andy Smith has taken it upon himself to start a 'Listers MugShots' page.

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